Ruggedly Refined...


Sage Keffer defines what we love most about country music. Reflecting  your life's dreams and losses, like no one else. He’s not only “lived it”, but knows how to fully capture “moments” in music, through his incredible, syncopated phrasing.


He refuses to dilute his music with other genres and pretend it is still country. Possessing that rare “star” quality, Sage commands the stage- a powerful presence that is stunning. His crystal clear vocals soar and then by surprise, seduce you with grit- capturing the most discriminating music fan, country or otherwise. No one wonders, "Who was that singing?"


Headlining in Sweden, Spain, Switzerland & France, as well as 8 years greeting his fans at his own booth at CMA Music Festival, Sage is known for being one of the hardest working artists... He hasn’t done it all on his own, because Nashville's own music industry, has GIVEN their time freely.

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Thank you for your support and hope to see you soon, either in your hometown or at CMA Music Festival next June!

Concert during CMA Fest, at The Listening Room! Sat., June 10th 6pm  

I'd love to see ya TONIGHT at 6pm at The Listening Room

I'll be having my full band, full of some of the best players in town. 

It's at 217 2nd Avenue South, right here in Nashville! 

Cost: Tell the door guy you came to see Sage... that's the secret code. You'll get in free. ;) 

Make sure you stick around for Dani-elle's show at 7pm, too! 

Thank you for your friendship and support! As well, I'd like to thank Boulder Creek Guitars and Julie Patton Photography! She took the photo above! 

-Sage Keffer

Starring in a film! 

It's been such a pleasure to be starring as "Josh Handles", in a film, here in Nashville! The comedy is called HR, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4517642/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2 and I think you're going to get a kick out of it, once it premieres! Doing a comedy is such a great challenge! The crew has been exceptional to work with and the actors involved are a real kick! I'm not allowed to say much about it, but will share more once given permission. :)
I'm told it will debut this fall! Keep checking back... I'll continue to post photos from the film every few days!
Plot summary:
Jill Melody will keep you amused and engaged as she leads a comedic cast as the charismatic, but trouble-making Human Resource Director Alexis Lennox; whose antics and schemes keep her staff panicked and unnerved. What will she be up to next, and how will her HR coordinator manage to pull off another Corporate cover up of Alexis's dubious actions? Set in a human resources department in Nashville Tennessee, "HR" is a humorous look at one day in a truly dysfunctional yet laughable environment.

The Longest Ride Movie: Rob Midelton audition by Sage Keffer 

For those of you who know about auditions, you don't know anything about the role going into it. But, they're fun. I got the call to audition for this role about a year ago. I'm glad I lost out at least to a big name, like Clint Eastwood's son, Scott, who got the role! Here's my audition!

The Good Samaritan 

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of being a co-star in a short film, "The Good Samaritan", by Watkins Productions. Playing the role of a criminal...which isn't something I "look" like (however, I was the "criminal" in Jake Owen's "Tell Me" video), it was a blast. I hope that it comes out soon! It's a short film, but portraying a different role is always a challenge... and a great time!

It's Grammy time... Thank you for your consideration! 

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Best New Artist: Sage Keffer- Bet Yo Mama (1st song on player)

Country Solo Performance: Sage Keffer- Bet Yo Mama (1st song on player)

Country Song: Sage Keffer- I Fall For You Again (2nd song on player)

My music is also uploaded in the categories on grammypro.com, where you can search my name and song.

Thank you very much!

How to show your support for an artist 

I'm often asked about Pandora and Spotify... I read in Billboard magazine that Bette Midler received $114 for more than FOUR MILLION song spins over three months. Meaning, a payment of .00002733076 cents per track! So after 10,000 spins, we make 2 cents!
Show your support for your favorite artist, by BUYING their music... don't just stream it. You can find my music in my Store. ;)
BTW, iTunes receives about 40 to 45 cents from each download. So I get about 50 cents out of the 99. 
So, I'd appreciate it if you'd download direct from my site. Thank you for all the support you've shown so far. You're great!


A new behind-the-scenes music video! 

Just put up a new video... A "behind-the-scenes" of the making of "My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose" that Mom asked me to record for her. Check it out... and you'll know why! It's on my latest CD, "I Like It Here", available only from my Store! 

Gratitude for the first day at CMA Music Fest 2014 

Have had an unbelievable first day, once again at CMA Music Festival. Your words of encouragement, the stories you share with me on how my music somehow affects your life... well, it blows me away. Thank you. I'm humbled that you choose to have me- via my music, in your life, in your car, in your home. I hope you all know how much I appreciate your support.

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