Sage's Story

SAGE KEFFER, the Actor
As well as Sage Keffer being a Country Music Artist, he has added acting to his resume, with incredible results! He is starring in the TV movie comedy, HR, to be released this spring at various film festivals across the US. His hilarious portrayal of the “Boy Toy” for the main star of the film, who portrays a “Cougar”, will leave you breathless! Last week he completed filming a role that will no doubt surprise his fans in the suspense film, Protector. His portrayal as the abusive husband (starring role) throughout the film and into the final fight scene is so incredible, even his fellow actors said they “actually got the creeps, like... for real”. In April 2016, he is scheduled as a supporting actor in the dramatic film, Mr. Allain.

Country Music Recording Artist, SAGE KEFFER

No "pop-country", no "bro-country" here. Sage Keffer defines what we love most about country music. Possessing that rare “star” quality, Sage commands the stage with a powerful presence that is stunning. His crystal clear vocals soar and the next minute, suck you in with grit and seduction- creating moments that capture and engage the most discriminating music fan, country or not. Produced with Sage's signature syncopated band, Sage has the unique ability to convey country music's story like no one else. Unlike other country artists, you’ll never be left wondering, "Who was that singing?" Most importantly, he tells your story- reflecting your life's dreams, hopes and losses back to you. Sage Keffer is... country music.

Headlining in Sweden, Spain, Switzerland & France, as well as 8 years greeting his fans at his own booth at CMA Music Festival, Sage has a reputation for being one of the hardest working artists... He has not done it on his own, but with the generosity and respect shown by Nashville's music industry.

Sage Keffer has a very unique brand that fills the significant void in Country Music today. He has incredible reviews from Country Music critic, Robert Oermann, has had his own booth at CMA Music Festival 8 years out of the last 11, & performed in the most prestigious songwriters festival in the USA, "Tin Pan South", 10 years. As well, he starred in a reality show on CMT. His 3rd CD, “I Like It Here” will be released nationally just prior to CMA Fest of 2016. He recently released his first music video of the same title, “I Like It Here”, and it has his musical peers from various genres, raving! A sample:
“Thanks for the heads up about “I Like It Here”. You have a great voice and I have to admit, the song is totally refreshing. I am a fan of the Latin influence but haven’t experienced much of it in the country genre. I think you have tons of potential in an audience that supports country music but has its real roots in Latin. The Hispanic audience [is growing throughout the US] and I think you could be a big hit with them!!!!”
                                    -Jeanne Cotter (Christian Artist)
                        **58th Grammy Nominee
“Thanks for sharing your work with me. Great song! I love the Latin/Country vibe!”
                                                -Denise Labrie
                        **GRAMMY® award nominated Songwriter 
“I enjoyed both your video and the song. I think it's a great fusion of Latin and country. It certainly separates you from the rest of the crowd.”
                                                -Dennis Scott (Children’s Music)
                        **Grammy Award, Best Musical For Children 1
                        **Grammy Award, Best Recording For Children 2
                        **Emmy Award, Music Composer-Arranger with Lyrics 3
                        **Grammy Award-winning featured song on Elmopalooza 4
                        **Parents' Choice Award, Best Video For Children
                        **Daytime Emmy Awards, Best Original Song
“Your video is spectacular, engaging, and indeed, entertaining!”
                                    -Kabir Sehgal
**Latin Grammy Nominated Producer, V.P. of J.P. Morgan
Man, I loved the sound of your voice. The inflections and clear articulations of words were very impressive.”
-Rashid Lanie
**An internationally acclaimed composer, pianist, producer and recording artist who recently performed at the "World Cup 2010 Kick-Off Celebration Concert" in South Africa with John Legend, Angelique Kidjo, Shakira, Alicia Keyes, and Black-Eyed Peas.
“Your music is simply incredible; thank you for sharing it with me!!!”
                                    -Nikkole (Pop Artist)
                        **One Top 10 Billboard Single
                        **Three #1 Singles in the UK