I'm in two films debuting this week!

I'm thrilled to be in two films this week. I have a supporting role in the short film, "Mr. Allein" on May 3rd. On May 4th, I star in "1028 Prowl St.". I think you'll be surprised with this role.…Read more

The Good Samaritan

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of being a co-star in a short film, "The Good Samaritan", by Watkins Productions. Playing the role of a criminal...which isn't something I "look" like (however, I was the "criminal" in Jake Owen's…Read more

How to show your support for an artist

I'm often asked about Pandora and Spotify... I read in Billboard magazine that Bette Midler received $114 for more than FOUR MILLION song spins over three months. Meaning, a payment of .00002733076 cents per track! So after 10,000 spins, we…Read more

A new behind-the-scenes music video!

Just put up a new video... A "behind-the-scenes" of the making of "My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose" that Mom asked me to record for her. Check it out... and you'll know why! It's on my latest CD,…Read more

Gratitude for the first day at CMA Music Fest 2014

Have had an unbelievable first day, once again at CMA Music Festival. Your words of encouragement, the stories you share with me on how my music somehow affects your life... well, it blows me away. Thank you. I'm humbled that…Read more

My new website!

My bio, photos and videos and future concert dates are still being added, but they will all be up shortly.
In the meantime, feel free to listen to my music via the music player, or you can download my music…Read more