How To Survive A Reality TV Show (3 DVDs)
  • How To Survive A Reality TV Show (3 DVDs)
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This 3 DVD set provides the secrets to not only survive being on reality TV, but how to thrive as well. Sage Keffer explains in extreme detail, his wild experience with Ted Nugent and winning, Runnin' Wild From Ted Nugent, a show like Survivor, except... the contestants were hunted down by Ted Nugent himself... not a far cry from the Hunger Games!

Sage explains as well, how to:
-Get cast on a reality TV show.
-How to maintain a good image, as most contestants do not.
-How to win.
-How to make your TV show, "work" for you.

Whether you love or hate Ted Nugent, matters not. Sage's story fascinates the city slicker & the redneck alike! If you desire to be on reality TV, these DVDs are a "must have".

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