Starring in a film!

It's been such a pleasure to be starring as "Josh Handles", in a film, here in Nashville! The comedy is called HR, and I think you're going to get a kick out of it, once it premieres! Doing a comedy is such a great challenge! The crew has been exceptional to work with and the actors involved are a real kick! I'm not allowed to say much about it, but will share more once given permission. :)
I'm told it will debut this fall! Keep checking back... I'll continue to post photos from the film every few days!
Plot summary:
Jill Melody will keep you amused and engaged as she leads a comedic cast as the charismatic, but trouble-making Human Resource Director Alexis Lennox; whose antics and schemes keep her staff panicked and unnerved. What will she be up to next, and how will her HR coordinator manage to pull off another Corporate cover up of Alexis's dubious actions? Set in a human resources department in Nashville Tennessee, "HR" is a humorous look at one day in a truly dysfunctional yet laughable environment.